UnknownHey, I’m Jack Milne and welcome to tpir.tv. I re-created this website in July 2014 as a tribute to the TV game show, The Price is Right.

While I can’t give away free things, or make a cool digital game, I can share some things I’ve learnt from living frugally over the last 12 years… that is, how to create a great home without breaking the bank.

I’m obsessed with having a stunning home.

need the latest interior designs. My house needs to be clean. I want to impress my guests, have the latest gadgets and technology, and just have an awesome home.

But money is a limiting factor.

How much of that can you do when living frugally?

Well on this blog, I’d like to show some of you how to get the right price. This isn’t as low cost as many frugal people live, but it’s appreciating value for money, and appreciating quality things.

As a quick introduction to myself, my name is Jack, I’m a UK based electrical engineer. I don’t earn a lot of money, but I earn enough to follow the advice I’ll be sharing here. Clearly, I am not an expert at interior design, I haven’t studied it at university, or run a company on it… it’s just a passion of mine that I invest on in my own home.

Quick facts:

  • I’m 37 years old
  • I have a beautiful fiance named Eva
  • 2 of the only kids in the planet I actually like, haha
  • I work as a freelance electrical engineer for numerous companies
  • I’m a fan of contemporary design


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