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Price is Right Specials Over the Years

The Nighttime ’86 Price is Right Specials from 1986! Here is where you’ll find some great pictures to remind us of that great series of specials from the 80’s!

The Nighttime ’02 Price is Right Specials! Saluting the armed forces and US police and fire departments!

The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectaculars!

The 5000th Price is Right!

The Price is Right 30th Anniversary Special!

The Price is Right Fun Facts & History

Johnny Olson. The first announcer on the Price is Right.

The Complete Pricing Game Directory

Find out how to get TICKETS to see the Price is Right in person!

See the models Price has had over the years.

The editor says what’s on his mind in the mindlessly fun Miscellaneous section.

Sing Along and write your own lyrics to Splendido! AKA “Nothing but Furniture”