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My whole way of finding content for this blog is infographics, lol. It’s easy inspiration.

I just came across another one that you may find useful, it’s about how being more green can save money.

Most of this is about saving money at home, but there is also a few others that you can do outside of the home, e.g. driving more slowly.

To save you reading the entire thing, I wrote down the 8 ways they share that can save you some money, and help the environment a little bit, win win:

  1. Turn down the thermostat
  2. Use CFL bulbs
  3. Clean your light bulbs
  4. Plant shade trees
  5. Use programmable thermostat
  6. Rechargeable batteries
  7. Turn off your monitor when not in use
  8. Drive slowly

That’s about it. If you want the full details, I’ve included the infographic below:


Energy Saving