Tips for saving money

To begin here is a small series of tips that will save you money on everyday purchases:

1) Save by going through private sales

The first tip of this list to save money, to buy cheaper, is to start by looking at private sales sites. Private sales sites can save a lot of money: up to 75 %.

One of the best-known sites for private sales is certainly good. This site offers articles up to 70% off, mainly fashion items (clothing & accessories), but you can also find interior decoration and appliances.

This site is only one example among many others, there are also private sales sites specializing in high-tech, tools, furniture, etc …

To receive private sales offers, you usually have to register on the site of your choice. Then you regularly receive the best offers of the moment directly by email. But be careful though, at first glance private sales sites are the perfect tool to start saving money, but it’s double-edged as this kind of site can also push us to consume more than necessary.

2) Use promotional codes

To save money when shopping online, it may be a good idea to use a promotional code when you pay the bill. A promotional code is not a miracle solution, but it can at least help us to reduce by 5 to 10% the expenses realized on the commercial sites.

Some promotional codes may even allow us to save more, or not have to pay to ship or to get a gift with an order.

Did you know that only 1 in 3 users search for a promotional code before making an online purchase? It’s a shame because on the internet you can easily access thousands of promotional codes in a few clicks, there are hundreds of sites that distribute them openly and for free, without any compensation from consumers.

We can even combine this trick with the one I mentioned earlier: private sales sites.

For example, at the time of writing these lines I am on a site that offers new promotional codes every week (and above at least we are not invaded by banners advertising unlike to other similar sites …). And currently, we can find a promotional code that allows not to pay the shipping cost on commercial sites which offer sales offering items whose price is already reduced up to 75 %.

And this is just one example among many, there are often interesting and valid promotional codes on private sales sites that already save money at the base.

And of course on promotional code sites, there are also almost always valid discounts for well-known marketplaces such as Amazon, PriceMinister or CDiscount.

3) Use loyalty cards

Saving with loyalty cards is a really good plan for saving money in everyday errands. In large chain stores, they usually accumulate points that can then be exchanged for gifts, or they can allow us to accumulate euros that can be used to pay less afterward.

In smaller shops, for example at the hairdresser’s downstairs, loyalty cards can accumulate one or more buffers during each expenditure, once the loyalty card is filled can obtain a service or a product for free.

The problem with loyalty cards … is that there are too many. A large part of the shops offer us their loyalty card once we pass the checkout and by force, we ended up losing some, or they start to really take up a lot of space in the wallet. To remedy this problem, know that now there are applications, such as Fidall or FidMe, that will allow you to store and collect all your loyalty cards in your smartphone.